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2 Project Zero

The limited liability company among professionals called 2Zero Projects s.r.l.t.p . was established on 04.02.2021 by a group of engineers and surveyors who share a common multi-year professional heritage gained both as freelancers and in associated form and who decided in 2020 to undertake a new and collaborative work project with a marked professional perspective and corporate.

2Zero Projects s.r.l.t.p . has in its workforce all the professional figures of reference necessary for the design, construction and maintenance of civil works , residential, industrial and plant engineering.

The collaboration and partnership with external professionals who revolve around the company creates a dynamic and multidisciplinary environment thanks to the continuous interpersonal and multidisciplinary support offered by the various subjects.

The company deals with design , construction management, safety in the workplace, training in safety , acoustics, fire prevention, electrical and mechanical systems, testing , construction site assistance, assistance to the RUP, technical consultancy for civil cases and appraisals and all the activities that are part of the construction process from conception to implementation.

This formula guarantees the customer to have a single contact person for all stages of development of a work, be it public or private, thus avoiding the fragmentation of work, the waste of resources and the prolongation of planning and implementation times.

The customers of 2Zero Projects s.r.l.t.p . they are public, private, professional bodies and companies that turn to the company for 360-degree consultancy.

The company is also active in the public tenders sector, where it participates both independently and in association with other professionals and companies.

The company's headquarters are in Via Aurelia Antica, 46 in Grosseto (GR).