Presentation and history of the company

The idea of ​​ 2ZERO Projects was born in 2020 from the will of six engineering professionals to create a multidisciplinary, modern and dynamic structure able to independently address all aspects related to the world of civil, residential and industrial works.

On 04.02.2021 the idea takes shape with the birth of 2ZERO Projects limited liability company among professionals for which the association form of company between professionals is chosen as to underline the desire for multi-diversity and at the same time the will to keep the role of the professional at the center of the relationship with the client.

The objective of the partners is to create a pole of aggregation of professionals , technicians, ideas and innovation in order to offer present and future customers excellent products combined with fast execution times in every application sector of 2ZERO Projects .

The company, therefore, immediately opens up to excellent collaborations and partnerships, looking forward to professional collaboration as the key to achieving the set business objectives.

The work environment and the organization of spaces support the principle of the free circulation of ideas and the sharing of the professional contributions of individuals.

Members and Collaborators

The composition of the Board of Directors is made up of the founding members

  • Ing. Reali Matteo, President, shareholder
  • Ing. Migliorini Claudio, Vice President, shareholder
  • Ing. Falzone Marsili Massimiliano, Director, shareholder
  • Ing. Ombrato Michele, Director, shareholder
  • Geom. Marano Giacomo, Director, shareholder
  • Geom. Alex Miliani, Director, shareholder

Administration and Tenders

  • Carolina Romagnoli - Head of the Tender Office

Stable partners

  • Geom. Roberto Cherubini
  • Geom. Simone Malentacchi

Professional Qualifications

Acoustic technicians - Legislative Decree 42/2017

  • Ing. Michele Ombrato - enabled on 08.11.2019

Technicians authorized to coordinate safety - Legislative Decree 81/08

  • Ing. Matteo Reali - enabled on 06.06.2007
  • Ing. Claudio Migliorini - enabled on 20.10.2011
  • Geom. Giacomo Marano - enabled on 07/30/2019
  • Geom. Alex Miliani - enabled on 01.03.2008

Fire prevention technicians

  • Ing. Matteo Reali - enabled on 06.06.2007
  • Ing. Massimiliano Falzone Marsili

Technicians authorized to pilot APR Drones

  • Geom. Giacomo Marano - enabled on 19.03.2020
  • Geom. Alex Miliani - enabled on 07.06.2019

Technicians qualified for energy certification - Presidential Decree 75/2013

  • Geom. Alex Miliani - enabled on 10.07.2014
  • Ing. Claudio Migliorini - qualified by qualification
  • Ing. Michele Ombrato - qualified by qualification
  • Ing. Matteo Reali - qualified by qualification
  • Ing. Massimiliano Falzone Marsili - qualified by qualification

Technicians qualified for the rapid analysis of priority bridges

  • Ing. Claudio Migliorini - enabled on 07.01.2019
  • Ing. Michele Ombrato - enabled on 07.01.2019


Grosseto 58100 (Gr)
Via Aurelia Antica, 46,
+39 329 227 2466

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